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This gift of life...this chance to exist.... Is it not a great thing? Is it not a really good gig?

Its intriguing that here we are placed...so fully able to feel love and joy and experience beauty so richly...and we’ve been plopped down into a literal garden of beauty with the ability for love and kindness and joy and beauty surrounding us in every direction! It seems so... purposeful.

Ohh there is turmoil...and toil and anxiety and tragedy. No one escapes them...but the beauty and love are still around us...anxiously waiting for us to look above the darkness and use the opportunity of our existence.

Should we not help each other see the incalculable beauty of our existence?...should we not encourage each other to shed the remnants of darkness that cling to our souls and embrace the joy and beauty of this chance to be alive? Are we not obliged to do this??

We so earnestly hope that you’ll take a moment and realize again how universally beautiful you are and in so many ways...and that you’ll let a little extra exaltation and joy into your heart as we share with you our efforts to see our world in that light!

Thank You!

Bret is an internationally renowned photographer whos images are known for the delight and exclamation they invoke.  They are transformative when placed in a home or office.  His images hang in US Embassies around the globe representing the very best in American art.


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